iDevices Top Kids Wish List for Christmas

iDevices Top Kids Wish List for Christmas

Christmas day is almost here as the 2012 Holiday shopping season is already in full swing this weekend for both retailers and consumers alike.

Most people are having a difficult time deciding what gift to give to their family members for Christmas, especially for the kids in the family.

Well, in that case, a recent data might prove helpful to all the parents out there. According to a report, the top 5 gadgets included in the U.S. kids’ wishlist for Christmas are the following:

Kids aged 6-12

1. iPad — 48 percent
2. Nintendo Wii U — 39 percent
3. iPod Touch — 36 percent
4. iPad Mini — 36 percent
5. iPhone — 33 percent

Kids aged 13+

1. iPad — 21 percent
2. Computer — 19 percent
3. Tablet computer other than iPad — 18 percent
4. Nintendo Wii U — 17 percent
5. iPhone — 14 percent

Are the kids in America getting more tech savvy these days while at the same time getting harder to please and a lot more expensive to maintain than it used to be? I’d say that your guess is as good as mine.

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