30 Homeless Kids Get Amazing Christmas Shopping Sprees Courtesy of Kind-Hearted Cops

30 Homeless Kids Get Amazing Christmas Shopping Sprees Courtesy of Kind-Hearted Cops

Over two dozen Maui Police Department officers playedSanta Claus to 30 kids this weekend as part of the annual «Shop for a Cop» event, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Law enforcement officials take children from a local shelter for homeless families to Kmart, give each kid a shopping cart, and help them choose up to $100 worth of merchandise. FREE SHOPPING SPREE!

As for what sort of «merchandise» the kids went for, well, since the ages ranged from 4 to 14 years old, their picks were pretty much all over the map …

But, naturally, practical stuff like tube socks and underwear weren’t tops on anybody’s list. These kids wanted — and deserved — toys!

I honestly wonder who gets more of a kick out of this event: The cops or the kids? I mean, of course the kids are ecstatic, but as a mom, I can’t even begin to imagine how heartwarming it must be for the police officers to give underprivileged kids the run of a Kmart toy department during the holidays. Even the employees get involved, apparently, dressing up like elves for the occasion. There’s a «Santa» on hand, too, giving out gift-wrapped surprises (in addition to the $100).

The shopping spree was funded by Kmart and the Kiwanis clubs of South Maui and Kahului (hint, hint, other organizations every place else!). And, of course, the Christmas spirit.

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